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    Andy Jacob, CEO of The Jacob Group, has been called one of the world’s leading authorities on “The Systematic Approach To The Customer Sales and Business Cycle.” Jacob is familiar to many business leaders who have seen him featured on local and national television, have heard him on syndicated radio, and have read about his business expertise in national publications including the Wall Street Journal. Jacob has been a guest financial and business expert on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Bloomberg, TNT, and many others.

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  • Andy Jacob's Facts About Under-performing Sales Teams.



    Your top sales producers outperform your average producers by 2:1


    Your top sales producers outperform low producers by



    20% of your sales team delivers 80% of the revenue...make that 10%


    60% of your sales team should probably be doing something else


    Only 20% of your weakest 80% are worth training. The other 80% of the weakest 80% are in the wrong job.


    For many companies, 90% of the sale is done by phone. Your 80%'ers have weak phone skills, and they are killing your overall performance.

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    Andy Jacob My Sales Force Is Better Than Your Sales Force

    My Sales Force Is Better Than Your Sales Force

    If you are a startup looking to gain traction, or an existing business looking to increase market share, talk to Jacob about fixing your under performing sales team today. For CEO's, sales managers and decision makers serious about delivering immediate improvement to their business.

    Andy Jacob 3 Immutable Laws Of Selling By Phone

    Interrupters, Disruptors, and Destroyers.

    Jacob's most outrageous business principle yet. If you are serious about maintaining your market share, and increasing your profitability, ignore at your own risk.

    Andy Jacob The SuperClosers




    In his special report, Jacob breaks down how the business & sales cycle has dramatically changed over the past 10 years.  Jacob reports that your buyers are better informed about their transaction than ever before, and they have begun to prey on unsuspecting companies that are not prepared to handle the buying cycle of this new “super-consumer”.