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    Andy Jacob, CEO of The Jacob Group, has been called one of the world’s leading authorities on “The Systematic Approach To The Customer Sales and Business Cycle.” Jacob is familiar to many business leaders who have seen him featured on local and national television, have heard him on syndicated radio, and have read about his business expertise in national publications including the Wall Street Journal. Jacob has been a guest financial and business expert on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Bloomberg, TNT, and many others.

    Andy Jacob Leading Business Consultant

    "This Morning Your Competition Had A Meeting About Increasing Their Market Share.

    Let's Make Sure Their Plans Go Awfully Wrong".

    -Andy Jacob, CEO, The Jacob Group.

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  • Leaders, CEO's, Decision Makers, Harvard MBA's, Stanford Business Professors, and Uber Successful Business People All Agree About Andy Jacob.

    I can say without hesitation that Andy is one of the most dynamic and impressive individuals I have ever met. Jacob has an unusual ability to see opportunity where other don’t, and even a greater ability to execute on the ability where others will refrain. If I were to draft a team of professionals to manage my business, he would no doubt would be my number one pick. If your company is thinking about a new market, or a new sales strategy, or retooling your underperforming sales team, talking to Andy may be the best thing you could ever do.
    -Wayne Sieve, CEO, EverSport.TV


    ***When Ultimate Consigment needed the ultimate business sales strategist, we called Andy. Thanks Andy!
    -Brian Lesk, CEO, Ultimate Consignment


    *** Andy is a heck of a competitor"
    - Dan Gilbert, CEO, Quicken Loans. Owner, NBA Cleveland Cavaliers.


    ***Andy is known for hard work, strategic insight and flawless execution. He is the classic entrepreneur in every sense of the word–he balances risk taking and careful strategic planning as well as anyone I have worked with.
    -Stan Christensen, Managing Partner, Arbor Advisors, Harvard MBA-Professor Stanford University Business School


    ***Andy was instrumental in helping us position our branding strategy to go to market. While Jacob’s approach may be somewhat unorthodox, his results speak louder than words. Every business that has a pulse should speak to Andy.
    -Geoff Rego, CEO, Hushly. Geoff's last company sold to Oracle.


    ***Andrew Jacob represents the highest quality of competence, integrity, and can do attitude coupled with a great personality and positive outlook. I can recommend Mr. Jacob without reservation.
    -Elli Mills, CEO at Mineral Ventures, LLC, Harvard MBA


    ***Andy Jacob is a marketing genius and the person I turn to first for business advice.
    -Ron Shostack, CEO, GroupTrak


    ***Andy is a proven leader and motivator. He has an uncanny ability to inspire the ones around him and through that he creates a unified work environment leading to successful businesses and organizations.
    -Eddie Le, Managing Partner, Vista Point Advisor


    ***Jacob’s trustworthiness and honesty can be best described as beyond approach. He conducts his affairs in a most professional manner and his real strength lies in his creativity and marketing abilities. I can, without hesitation, recommend Andy as a trustworthy business associate who will provide to be an asset to your company. If you want strategy, energy, and real world proven results, Jacob is your man. There’s no one like him.
    -Bruce Kaye, JD/CPA,PLLC Kaye Consulting Group


    ***One of the greatest pitchman of all time. One of the greatest listeners of all time. A powerful combination.
    -Alan Sussman, CEO, Sussman Agency


    ***When it comes to investing in deals that involve a complex sales cycle, Andy is my first call. He breaks down the most complicated of businesses faster than anyone I have seen.
    - Noel Upfall, CEO, Family Medical


    ***Andy spent time at our Corporate Headquarters, and completely nailed one strategy that made us immediately better. He has terrific impactful, insight on business.
    -Peter Schmitt, CMO, Dialogue Marketing


    ***With Mr. Jacob’s advice, my company’s position changed overnight resulting in massive growth. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to raise the bar.
    -Michael Del Prette, CEO, We Heart Houses


    ♦︎"HE DOES IT!"
    ***Andy says he will do something, and he does it! Very Refreshing.
    -Dustin Holder, President, Premier800.com


    ♦︎"ON TARGET"
    ***Andy breaks business strategy down very quickly. It's fun to watch him develop a powerful, systematic approach that's so on target.
    -Sam Valenzuela, President, Leadpile


    ***Prior to spending time with Andy, sales team was treading water. Within 24hrs of incorporating his strategy, a tidal wave surged throughout our team rejuvenating our staff while increasing sales within moments of his presence. Andy’s input is invaluable to any organization, I treasure every opportunity to have him involved in the growth of our company.
    -John B. Diggs, Sales Manager, Proficio Mortgage



    ***Andy was able to mentor me on a sharper approach to communicate my business goals. Listen closely and wisely.”
    -Christian Bonilla, CEO, Medici Creative L.L.C


    ***Andy’s initiative, enthusiasm, and stick-to-itiveness can help your business. It’s already helped mine.
    -Mark Otuteye, CEO at Ohtootay


    ***Mr. Jacob was a game-changer for our business. Jacob changed the focus of my entire team and my entire organization. He sees things in a very different way than any other business gurus I have ever seen.
    -Ross Bloom, VP Sales, First Choice Mortgage


    ***Andy is an idea man and it is always insightful to talk to him. He loves to think outside the box to figure out the most creative and efficient solution to a challenge.
    -Mohib Ahmad, Director of Digital Marketing & Operations, CTAM


    ***Andy was one of the very first people I spoke with prior to writing a single line of code. Not only did he come on high recommendation, but he took a keen interest in our company from the start, offered honest and direct feedback, and was highly instrumental in helping us form our business strategy.
    -Ben Chutz, Founder and CEO, Birdhouse for Autism


    ***Andy is top notch! He spent time with my brother and I to discuss the future plans of our new company. He helped lay out the most brilliant plan for us to follow! He is cherished for his innovative thinking and awesome advice for our project! I highly recommend him for his integrity, honesty, and passion for helping people accomplish their dreams! Thanks Andy!
    -Michael Barnes and Ben Barnes, Founders, Off Camber Studio


    ***Andy is the consummate businessman and professional. When it comes to business insight, I turn to Andy first – every time. He’s an invaluable source of experience and expertise. In the start-up phase of our company, Andy was instrumental in refining our business model and product offerings. His passion for excellence is unmistakable, and I would highly recommend him to any organization desiring excellence. If you want clarity in your business strategy, Jacob is the best I’ve seen. I highly recommend you speak to him and see for yourself.
    -Zack Gilburd, Founder, ARCUI, The Security Compliance Experts


    ***When it comes to core business strategy and focus, I would highly recommend Andy to any CEO serious about market penetration and domination. Jacob effortlessly breaks down even the most complex of business cycles.
    -Jonathon Polter, Founder, PawnGuru.com


    ***Jacob is as straight forward as they come. A true gentleman and a breath or fresh air in business. When I refer my clients to Andy, I know they will receive world-class business advise and strategic counseling that is second to none in the industry. Every company, small or large should listen to Jacob’s sound advice on their company's strategy. He gets people and companies focused so they are better able to compete in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.
    -Hal Jolley, CPA Jolley Company


    ***Andy's insight and approach is invaluable. When it comes to simplifying the business cycle, and helping businesses excel, nobody's better than Andy. Jacob effortlessly breaks down what must be done in order to make a business scale.
    -Howard Babcock


    ***Andy Jacob has been an invaluable mentor to me and my businesses for many years. I take very few crucial steps without at least a quick consult with him. With such a varied array of ideas for start-up’s that I get involved with, it’s reassuring that I can always count on the “well rounded” voice of reason that Andy easily commands. Whether you are a mature business, or a start-up, Jacob would be my first call for strategic advise. In this day and age, you would be crazy not to set up a call with him. He breaks things down effortlessly.
    -Ron Laikind, CEO, Westworld Paintball


    ***Andy excels at dissecting a business, locating its core elements and building a highly effective marketing and sales strategy. His resolve, motivation and straight forward attitude are infectious. If you are lucky enough to get an hour talking business strategy with him, take it. It may be the most worthwhile business advise you have ever received.
    -Alex Barton, Co-founder, Arcui Cyber Security


    ♦︎"A RARE BREED"
    ***I have witnessed Andy’s business acumen first hand and he is the consummate professional. His success in business is undeniable and speaks to his meticulous work ethic. He is indeed a rare breed; an enthusiastic seeker of knowledge and a critical thinker with the soul of an artist. When it comes to thinking both inside and outside the box, Andy destroys the box.
    -Steve Bisch, CEO, Bisch Marketing


    ***When it comes to understanding how businesses work in the real world, nobody understands it better than Andy. Jacob breaks down complex business challenges better than anyone I have ever seen, and when it comes to sales strategy, you would be crazy not to speak to him.
    -Barry Lubin, CEO, AIM Advertising


    ***Andy takes ideas from the conceptual stage and turns it into a thriving and successful business opportunity, time and time again. When it comes to killer business building strategy, I would talk to Jacob as often as humanly possible. When you speak to him, don’t speak, listen.
    -Anthony Coss, JD, The Coss Law Group.


    ♦︎"A GURU"
    ***Jacob is a guru at guiding individuals and businesses alike to the pinnacle of their success. As I continue to build my business, and look for strategic growth opportunities, Jacob’s advise has been invaluable. In today’s business world, seeking the advice of people who have been through it themselves is invaluable, and any company would be well served to seek out Andy’s advise.
    -Joseph Impastato, II, CEO, NowHire.com


    After working with Andy, my company's strategy was hyper-focussed. His plan of action was a category killer, and I am using it to take my company to the next level.
    - Fred Mixell, CEO, Podcasters BootCamp


    ***As a business consultant myself, I called Andy for perspective very specific to our career types. He was able to quickly understand the context of the questions I asked, and provided me with some highly valuable ideas in a very short period of time. Thank you for your assessment Andy!
    -Michael Brown - President at CAB Consulting


    ***Jacob always brings his tremendous talents for business and marketing to the conversation, and is a driving force
    -Rabbi Levi Shemtov, Executive Director, The Friendship Circle


    ***Jacob’s solid work ethic, professional approach, and positive attitude make doing business with him a pleasure. Andy is very skilled at bringing ideas to fruition and executing through to the end. One of the reasons for his entrepreneurial success is his unique ability to tap into the zeitgeist…he knows what people want and when they want it. I highly recommend Andy Jacob if you are seeking market domination in your business.
    -Jeremy D. Chused, Associate Director, ICG Advisors


    ***Andy never sits back, leads by example and shows teams how to constantly improve. His energy is contagious, and his outlook is a breath of fresh air. When I speak to Andy, I am ready to take on the world. Jacob is a little unorthodox, but the edge your business will receive from speaking to him are real and measurable.
    -Paul Schwartz, Disaster Recovery Manager, Servpro Executive


    ***I have seen Andy turn a room of 300 sales people upside down. Once he gets done with a sales training, the sales people not only want to break down a wall, they want to break down a building. He's a strategy GURU. If I was selecting a team to help build my business, I would push Jacob in the door and never let him leave.
    -Daniel Keil, President DWK Enterprises


    ***Andy is intelligent, generous, loyal, and positive. Any venture he assists you in will become a big success. His leadership in multiple successful business ventures proves the point.
    -David Lubin, COO, MJacob & Sons


    ***Andy is a role model and a great leader with incredible people skills, outstanding ethics, and a discipline to hard work. He always has a positive attitude, inspiring energy, and a willingness to assist everyone working with him. A Sales and Marketing expert at the highest level. If you get a chance to work with him, run to the phone, don’t walk.
    -Florin Ilie, CEO, Make Happen Ventures


    ***Over the past decade, Jacob has been a wealth of information as I have grown my internet properties. His business acumen coupled with his honesty has always provided me a dependable and reliable sounding board. Andy is able to break things down in their most simplest terms, and by doing so, is able to dramatically impact any business venture. If you want to leverage your existing business with higher quality sales strategies, Jacob would be my first call, bar none.
    -Steve Kopelman, CEO, HauntHoldings LLC


    ***Jacob is always upbeat, charismatic, and has a good head on his shoulders. He has personally coached me in life skills as well as in my own professional career. Jacob is excellent in business and personal relationships, and if you are interested in taking your business to the next level, talking to jacob will surely get you there.
    -Christos Marinakos, CEO, AeroLink


    ***Andy has an amazing ability to make the right decisions when others don’t see the light, and he is able to make everyone believe in the vision set for the company. Any company leader would be serving their company shareholders well by engaging with Jacob. A powerhouse workhorse who likes to position companies to excel.
    -Eugen Ilie, COO, BuyerCentric


    ***I highly recommend Andy as a person you would want to engage in any business venture with. Terrific.-Hemant Butti, Thought leader


    ***Jacob impressed me by his savvy marketing ability, his infectious enthusiasm and his ability to motivate and inspire those working for him or with him. Two words sum him up: tireless tenacity.
    -Suzette Austin, Thought Leader


    ***Andy has been an invaluable tool in taking my career to the next level. Through helping me to refine my sales methodology, implement strategies, evaluating current marketing systems and defining professional goals. I have watched my skill set grow and flourish in ways that I would not have been able to achieve without his input. I would not be where I am today without his guidance.
    -Angela Armstrong, Enterprise Business Development , TweetMyJobs


    ***Andy’s guidance in my new business venture has been invaluable. His intense marketing prowess and insight has been a boon to my business. I don’t make a business move unless I consult with Andy first. Andy has a unique way of laying out strategy in a very powerful, yet simple way. He cuts through the chatter, and gets it done. If your company has the chance to hire him, I would jump on it.
    -Ruben Sneor, CEO, Agents4Life


    ***If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation – where you know you will get the results- use Andy. I can’t thank him enough for assisting me. If you need a shot of energy, a shot of business strategy, or a shot of business power, call Andy.
    -Bob Hasset, Sotheby’s Real Estate, Top 1%


    ***Andy Jacob and I have enjoyed a long term working relationship, which over the years has evolved into a close personal friendship. Andy loves to exhort people to develop powerful visions and critical strategies for their companies. With integrity, he’ll transform your company in a direct, powerful and effective way. Jacob’s unique ability to understand a companies sales cycle is very powerful for any organization. I highly recommend him for outstanding results.
    -Max Cohen, Co-creator, Spiritual Gangster


    ***Andy was a great addition to my team at American Builders. His ideas for offline guerrilla marketing were impressive, and we increased our business by implementing his strategies. Some of his strategies were off the wall at first, but they worked like gangbusters. A true miracle worker.
    -Stuart Cohen, Founder, American Builders


    ***Andy Jacob is a true professional and a great asset to any company.
    -Hai Nguyen, Senior Account Executive, Five9


    ♦︎"A MUST HAVE"
    ***Andrew’s ambition and straight forward attitude is encouraging, and a delight to see in motion! A true asset to any organization. A powerful, must have addition, if you can get him.
    -Adam Abbot, CEO, FreshWay Media


    ***Andy, thank you for guiding me in the very right direction; Your strategy and marketing advise is already paying BIG dividends.
    -Stephen Polter, CEO , Express Property Tax Appeals


    ***Andy Jacob is passionate. He dives in, learns, and makes strong decisions. He is helping us make strategic and tactical changes to our process with one goal; understanding how to exceed our client's expectations. He puts his heart into it. I highly recommend him to help your business.
    -Erik Sacks, CEO, The Fixture Zone


    ***You only have to look at Andy Jacob to see how he is conducting an in-depth analysis of everything you are saying for a quick determination of how you can do things better, smarter, and more profitably. He is a unique talent.
    -Ezra Goldman, General Counsel, Unites States Locator Service


    ***Andy means business and will get it done. Andy taught me something many years ago that has always stuck with me, and I thank him for it often; “Do the right thing, for every partner, every time.” He is a knowledge book of experience, and I would recommend him to any business who is serious about growth.
    -Natasha Aronov, Aronov Consulting Group


    ***I had the privilege of meeting Andy Jacob prior to his move to Arizona over 10 years ago. I had always looked up to him as a business leader in our community and was excited to associate myself with the Friendship Circle; an organization that he was and remains very active in. Andy is an extremely warm and caring individual and is unique in his ability to surround himself with highly talented people. We all know the saying – “There’s no “I” in Team”. Andy lives this principle and the passion that he brings to everything he does is what makes the difference and what makes him the “winner” that he is.
    -Ron Ferber, President, Homedics


    ***Andy is a great advisor, bursting with innovative ideas and sage wisdom. When our executives’ attention was being pulled in 100 directions, Andy was there to keep us focused on our core, one of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten in a while.
    -David Stiebel, Founder, Gamzoo Media


    ***Andy Jacob knows how to peel back the layers of a company, get to the core issues, and grow your business.
    -Rabbi Tzvi Schectman, Family Coordinator, Friendship Circle


    ***Andy Jacob has been an invaluable asset to our business with his consulting and advice over the years, helping us through his network of connections and business skills!
    -River Cohen, PCI Transaction Security Advisor


    ***I have had the privilege of working with Andy on multiple ventures over the past three years as an investment banking advisor. Andy is a quintessential entrepreneur with an innate ability to rapidly develop new ideas, iterate those ideas into a viable financial model, and ultimately bring to market high quality businesses. One of the best parts about working with Andy is his humility and candor when evaluating what he does well and where he needs an outside opinion. This is the true hallmark of a successful entrepreneur and has enabled Andy to be successful over the long-term.
    -Jeffrey Koons, Senior Associate, Vista Point Advisors


    ♦︎"GETS IT DONE"
    ***With Andy’s knowledge and great “Get it Done” attitude, not only was he able to save us a year’s worth of mistake’s but also gave our team the motivation and boost we needed! -Chaim Klainberg, SVP Call Center Operations, RP Capital


    ***I have had the privilege of working for Andy for several years, and I can’t say enough about the positive influence he had on those surrounding him. He thinks like no other and there is no other like him! If anyone can make something happen, it certainly is Andy. If you don’t know Andy, you might want to figure out a way to get to know him.
    -Mari Woods, VP Sales, The Lead Group


    ***It was a true please to work with Andy. His unique and humble approach in the leadership of his employees allowed them to truly be the best that they could be, the impact was growing a multi-million dollar business that will thrive and grow for many years to come. A leadership style that should be emulated in the business community.
    -Ann Marie Hainz, Hainz Accounting Consultants


    ***Andy Jacob conducts his affairs in a most professional manner and his creativity and marketing abilities are beyond words. I highly recommend Andy as a business associate who surely will become an asset to your company. His unique abilities, positive attitude and work ethic make doing business with him a pleasure.
    -Edith Reiner, President, American Bag Co.


    ***If you’re looking for inspiration and great ideas, all you need is one brainstorming session with Andy. He can see the big picture, and he can see what needs to be done tactically in the near future.
    -Nancy Nardin, Founder, SmartSellingTools.com


  • Facts About UnderPerforming Sales Teams.


    Your top sales producers outperform your average producers by 2:1


    Your top sales producers outperform low producers by



    20% of your sales team delivers 80% of the revenue...make that 10%


    60% of your sales team should probably be doing something else


    Only 20% of your weakest 80% are worth training. The other 80% of the weakest 80% are in the wrong job.


    For many companies, 90% of the sale is done by phone. Your 80%'ers have weak phone skills, and they are killing your overall performance.

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    My Sales Force Is Better Than Your Sales Force

    Jacob breaks down the 46 crucial points necessary for your company to compete in today's hyper-competitive market. If you are a startup looking to gain traction, or an existing business looking to increase marketshare, talk to Jacob about fixing your underperforming sales team today.


    For CEOs sales managers and decision makers serious about delivering immediate improvement to their business.

    Andy Jacob 3 Immutable Laws Of Selling By Phone

    3 Immutable Laws Of Selling By Phone

    Jacob's most downloaded white paper lays out the phone selling system that companies must follow in order to be successful. If your organization does any prospecting, selling, or closing by phone, this is a must read.


    One CEO recently sent this white paper out to over 50 sales people on his team, and made them memorize every point. This report has been lauded as an “absolute must read” for any company that has a phone...and that means all of you!

    Andy Jacob The SuperClosers

    The SuperClosers

    In his special report, Jacob breaks down how the business & sales cycle has dramatically changed over the past 10 years. 


    Jacob reports that your buyers are better informed about their transaction than ever before, and they have begun to prey on unsuspecting companies that are not prepared to handle the buying cycle of this new “super-consumer”.